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Taiwan has all essential elements in the metaverse. Taiwan's ability to build hardware and set up public infrastructure is unparalleled, and it has many outstanding creators, artists, researchers, and developers who are all engaged in the development of future technologies and applications. Taiwan will not only become an important stronghold for the metaverse team, but also a key hub for driving global innovations.

Today TAITRA has recruited a metaverse team from the various fields of “VR platform and services, 3D avatar technology, web AR technology, Medical Care, Industry 4.0 (Smart Manufacturing), Advertising and Marketing, Gaming, Training Solution System Integration , Smart solution for accounts safety, Education and Entertainment”, highlighting the strength of Taiwan’s XR technology and industry field applications.

If you are looking for XR businesses to participate in professional exhibitions and business development, or would like to host large events by different brands and themes. Please contact us, we are good in cross-industry communication and networking to promote future business cooperation. We will engage with the world, elevate to a higher plane, and explore the universe without limitation.


Company Profile

Global Power Technologies is a company that provides military, law enforcement, firefighter XR training solution system integration, including XR content development, HW/SW co-design and information security integration.

Main Products & Services

XR Law Enforcement De-escalation Training, XR Military Battlefield Training, XR Fire Protection Training

Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Mind & Idea Fly Co., Ltd. has developed MAKAR, an XR builder, no-code platform. MAKAR has both AR/VR/MR editing and browsing functions, which are simple and easy to use. Anyone can create and update XR content. No programming knowledge is required to launch their immersive experience across all devices and platforms.

Main Products & Services

.MAKAR XR Platform
.MAKAR XR Editor
.A cross-platform XR (AR/VR/MR/360VR) browser
.Anyone and business can use
.Without compiling programs, developers can freely create images and add necessary elements.
.Real-time preview window
.Through the real-time preview window, you can quickly understand the effect of the current finished product on the device.


Company Profile

Hi, we are OSENSE, the metaverse builder. We are selected as “In Search of Next Google, 100 companies that will change the world” by Nikkei Business, and we are the only Taiwan enterprise in the rank. Starting from OMO smart space solutions, we try to bridge online service and the real world with core technologies such as computer vision recognition and AI deep learning.

We called it LaaS( Location as a Service). It can be applied to various spaces, such as large exhibition halls, gymnasiums, commercial buildings, transportation hubs, etc. With plenty of XR technology experience, OSENSE will create a colorful and exciting metaverse for your company..

Main Products & Services

In the era of the metaverse, the highly immersed digital world has brought new forms to entertainment, social interaction, and business model. Enterprises are competing to build an exclusive metaverse kingdom, where individuals can buy land, start businesses, study, and build communities, you name it. OSENSE’s technological energy is the best help for your metaverse! Welcome to inquire.


Company Profile

SmartDisplayer Technology located in Keelung, Taiwan, is focusing on smart displayer card to combine a traditional card (ISO compliant) with electronics innovations. Our solutions mainly to secure all the accounts safety, transaction security, and minimize your creativity to a ISO card form-factor.

Main Products & Services

Integrate an e-paper, a battery and buttons to ISO cards for smart display functions and innovations.
Smart card can protect your account from being hacked.

.Metaverse(digital twin) login security card
.NFT-related smart card
.GameFi online game card
.Crypto-currency cold wallet


Company Profile

Speed 3D Inc. is a pioneer in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) application field. It focuses on 3D facial analysis, 3D avatar technology, web AR technology in commercial implementation, and hardware to software AR implementations.

Main Products & Services

3D Avatar Generator, AR ads on social network, AR smart camera robot, web AR gifting platform


Company Profile

Surreal Co., Ltd was founded in Taipei in 2016. On the cusp of innovative VR content creation trend, we dedicate in revolutionizing current learning methods through XR technology. Focusing on providing immersive and interactive learning experience, we introduced VR platform and services that invite all to join and co-create the new reality.

Experienced in new technology integration and application, we also provide high quality solutions with creative spirit that help brands in digital transformation. We believe breaking the boundaries of learning in reality will lead us to a better digital life.

Main Products & Services

“A Realm That Surpass Your Reality!” Learn as you wished, teach as you dreamed. SURREALM is the first VR platform designed primarily for teaching and learning. Learning is more than knowledge acquirem.

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